Argelfraster Icons

by _kyri and shadesofbrixton

Kyri & Brix
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An icon journal by _kyri and shadesofbrixton.

:: Comment and let me know which icons you are taking.
:: Credit in the keywords. Not the userinfo or in a journal post, but in the keywords.
:: Credit to argelfraster, or _kyri, or shadesofbrixton. The first for any icon posted here, the latter two based on who posted the icon.
:: Share.
:: Do not hotlink.
:: Do not take credit for these icons.

You may:
:: You may customize the icons for personal use.
:: Critique my icons.
:: Make requests.
:: Ask for a customization of an icon I've posted.

You'll be unfriended if:
:: You take icons without giving credit multiple times.
:: You hotlink. Just don't do it.
:: You're rude.

If you have any questions about the rules or any suggestions for changes or things to add, please leave a comment. Thanks for reading.
(Rules from rouk.)

To view the icons:
:: You do not need to comment to be added, simply watch the community or join to see locked entries.

(Want to? Just comment to any icon post.)